Кадзума Ягами
八神 和麻
Японское имя 風の聖痕
Русское имя Кадзума Ягами
Личная информация
Пол Мужской
Возраст 20 лет
Статус Жив
Первое появление
Актёр озвучивания

Кадзума Ягами, главный герой. Родился в клане Канаги специализирующимся на магии огня и изначально носил имя Кадзума Каннами.


L-elf is a cold and pragmatic person with a genius-level intellect, shown to be very observant and very calculative of who and what's around him in order to tactically predict and make the best out of any circumstances always. As such, his predictions are of superhuman accuracy one way or another, often resulting in turning of tables in his favor. His highly precise calculation abilities, coupled with his ruthlessness and mercilessness in the battlefield, made him one of most feared battlefield tacticians known to all, with a reputation of being capable taking out army of thousands all on his own despite being only 17 years old, hence earning the nickname "One-Man Army".

Although L-elf chooses to keep his emotions hidden and often appears stoic, he is not completely devoid of emotions. However, when he does choose to reveal them, he often is shown gloating over his predictions proving correct or has been shown afraid over things not going as planned. The only person to whom he is completely open, is the Dorssian princess, Lieselotte, with whom he is in love with.