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character relationships

Here contains a list of main character relationships in Kaze no Stigma († = Deceased).

Characters: Relationships
Nanase Kudou /Yukari Shinomiya - are the best friends of Ayano Kannagi and vice versa
Ayano Kannagi

-wants to "catch up" to Kazuma someday

-is the "rival" to Kazuma's working companion, Kirika Tachibana

-Is the cousin of Ren Kannagi

-Is the daughter of Juugo Kannagi

-is the cousin of Kazuma Imgay

Jugo Kannagi

-Cousin of Genma Kannagi

-Father of Ayano Kannagi

Genma Kannagi

-Views Kazuma as his "spared son."

-Father of Ren Kannagi

Ren Kannagi

-Younger brother of Kazuma whom he looks up to

-Younger cousin of Ayano who he looks up to

-Younger son of Genma Kannagi

Kazuma Yagami

-sees Genma Kannagi as a man he vows to surpass

-wants to "get a hold of" Ayano someday

-sees Ren Kannagi as someone he should protect

-is the working companion of Kirika Tachibana

-is the former sweetheart of Tsui Ling

-murdered Erwin Leszaar for revenge

-is the the enemy of Armagest (Michael Harley, Bernhardt, Lapis)

Tsui Ling (†)

-is the former sweetheart of Kazuma Yagami

-was sacrificed by Erwin Leszaar

-Spirit has been possessed by Lapis


- is the enemy of Kazuma Yagami

-is the subordinate of Berhardt Rhodes

Bernhardt Rhodes

-is the enemy of Kazuma Yagami

-is the master/creator of Lapis

-was Erwin Leszaar's subordinate

Michael Harley


-is the enemy of Kazuma Yagami

-was Erwin Leszaar's subordinate

Erwin Leszaar (†)

-was the previous master of Armagest (Bernhardt & Michael Harley)

-sacrificed Tsui Ling to a demon

-was murdered by Kazuma Yagami for revenge