Erwin 6

Erwin Leszaar

Erwin was a villain in the manga/anime, Kaze no Stigma. He was the previous leader of Armagest before his right-hand man, Bernhardt Rhodes, took over.

Info Edit

4 years ago before the story, he kidnap Tsui-Ling from Kazuma so Armagest can use the girl as a human sacrifice to summon a powerful demon. Kazuma tried to stop him and save Tsui-Ling, but was no match for Erwin's powers. Erwin successfully sacrifice Tsui-Ling to the monster so he can gain it's power. As he was about to kill Kazuma, Kazuma made a contract with the Spirit king of the Wind and obtained the great wind powers. Erwin was then killed by Kazuma's new power. Soon afterwards, Erwin's right-hand man, Bernhardt Rhodes then took over Armagest as its current leader and sought many ways to seek vengeance against Kazuma for Erwin's death.



  • Erwin held the same mantra of being from "Stars and Wisdom," just like his former subordinate Michael Harley.
  • Many fans often mistake Bernhardt for being the one that sacrificed Tsui Ling. However, it's clearly not the case as Erwin was the one responsible for her death, while Bernhardt merely serves as Erwin's right hand man during the time.