Genma Kannagi

First Appearance:

The Wind Returns



Eye Color:

Orange Brown

Hair Color:

Dark Brown


Blue Divine Flame

Family Members

Kazuma Yagami (Older Son)
Ren Kannagi (Younger Son)
Jūgo Kannagi (First Cousin)
Ayano Kannagi (First Cousin Once Removed)

Genma Kannagi (神凪 厳馬, Kannagi Genma) is Ren and Kazuma's strict father. He is considered the most powerful fire mage in the Kannagi family.

Way of lifeEdit

Genma is a strict man who looks down on wind users in general and the Fuga Clan in particular. When Kazuma was defeated by Ayano in the test to determine the future head of the family Genma disinherited Kazuma and expelled him from the family. He said that he did so in order to adhere to the Kannagi's beliefs and customs and, since his son couldn't control fire there was no reason to keep him in the family nor any reason to consider him his son anymore. The true reason for the expulsion was that he wanted Kazuma to find his own path apart from the Kannagi, but his pride would not allow him to admit to it. After Kazuma returns as a powerful wind mage they duel and he is defeated. Because of their history Genma and Kazuma have some trouble communicating. Their sparring appears to be the only way that they can interact. Neither Genma nor Kazuma are willing to admit to the similarities they have with each other.


Genma is the strongest En-Jutsushi of the Kannagi family, and wields the blue Divine Flame, Souen, which only eleven others have wielded since the founding of the clan. Being one of the most powerful character in the series, no one living has ever surpassed Genma in terms of power until Kazuma defeats him in their duel.


Ren Kannagi- His 'favourite' son. After finding Kazuma using wind magic he said Ren was his 'only' son.

Kazuma Yagami - His elder son who he disowned and banished from the Kannagi Family after discovering that he was a wind user. He appears to be disappointed in Kazuma, but in reality cares for him a lot.

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