Jūgo Kannagi
Kannagi jugo
Character Information

First Appearance:

The Wind Returns





Eye color:


Hair Color:



Genma Kannagi (First Cousin)
Ren Kannagi (Second Cousin)
Ayano Kannagi (Daughter)
Crimson Kannagi (Wife - Deceased)


Crimson Kannagi (Wife - Deceased)



Voice Actors:

Japanese: Daisuke Ono
English: Robert McCollum

Jūgo Kannagi is the head of the Kannagi family and father of Ayano Kannagi.


He is much more lenient than Genma, and is one of the few family members who believed Kazuma was not the killer of Kannagi family members. He also keeps setting up strange plans for Ayano and Kazuma to fall in love with each other, even though it doesn't improve their relationship with each other.


His abilities have not been shown in the series. But being the head of the family, his abilities at some point should have surpassed Genma. He might also have been able to master Enraiha.

He is actually considered to be the strongest Enjutsushi of the Kannagi and wields the purple flame, but because he lost his leg during a car accident, Genma is now considered to be the strongest member of the family.


There is also the slimmest chance that he may be able to use Fu-jutsu, as seen in Episode 24, when he blocked one of Ayano's fireballs that strayed towards the house, however, this may be merely a barrier able to block fire.


Crimson Kannagi - Jugo's late wife who died in a terrible accident. 

Ayano Kannagi - As her father, Jugo is tough on her but loves her dearly. He sees great potential in her but wants her to slowly cultivate her powers and mature more. Jugo wasn't afraid to play matchmaker with his daughter and often put her and Kazuma in situations where their relationship could grow.

Kazuma Yagami - One of the few Kannagis who felt genuinely sorry for Kazuma during his childhood. In the light novel, he admits that he felt partially responsible for Kazuma's exile as the Ceremony of Inheritance that sealed his fate was pushed on him early because Jugo lost a leg in the same accident that also took his wife. Upon his return, Jugo still pitied him despite the rest of the clan mocking him for taking up wind magic. To help Kazuma restore his ties with the clan, Jugo felt that bringing him and Ayano together was the best way so he often put them in situations where they had to be together for some time. 

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