Kirika Tachibana
Voiced By:
First Appearance: The Wind Returns
Age: 30-35
Abilities: Onmyōji
Eye color: Light Purple
Hair Color: Blond
Gender Female

A detective working for the Tokyo MPD's Special Investigation Unit, in charge of investigating crimes related to jutsu. She occasionally works together with Kazuma. Her department aims to become the new partner of the Kannagi family, filling the gap made by the Fūga Clan's betrayal.

To that end, they assist the Ōgamis by investigating and tracking other users of jutsu. She is later revealed to be an Onmyōji, a practitioner of the Yin Yang arts who can cast spells through chants and charms. She seems to have some past with Kazuma and after the Fuga Clan´s rebelion starts working alongside the Kannagi family thanks to Jugo Kannagi's agreement.

She´s a tease and often causes Ayano to feel jealousy towards her. She comes as a threat to the heir of the Kannagi family because during a walk out in the city, Ayano,Ukari, and Nanase just happened to be walking along a street full of love motels and inns. Ayano ran into Kazuma and Kirika walking very close to each other and it triggered something in Ayano's heart that made her burn in jealosy. Ayano only assumed they were fulfilling each other in one of the motels when really they were only discussing business.

Of course, Ayano didn't realize that and found Kirika to be a horrible woman. Later on during the incident with Misao, Ayano brought up the encounter with Kirika and Kirika responded "Whether it was business or Pleasure I really see no point in telling you my personal business". However, Kirika was only teasing Ayano to spite her when deep down in her heart she was really just negotiating with Kazuma. Besides that, she specializes in tracking suspicious magic users,and  proves to be very useful in the Pandemonium incident and helping to gather the clues to solve that mystery. It is during this events that she recruits Katherine McDonald and Yukari Shinomiya.

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