Kureha Tsuwabuki
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Meeting Under the Moon





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Mayumi Tsuwabuki (Younger Sister)



Kureha Tsuwabuki is the eldest daughter of the Tsuwabuki family, who are skilled Chijutsushi (地術師, Earth Technique Practitioner). During her father's absence due to 'illness', she becomes the head of the Tsuwabuki family. Zenon, the behemoth of Mt. Fuji, stripped her powers as a Chijutsushi. Like Kazuma Yagami, she was ostracized for her lack of power by her family. She is later killed by Zenon in a fit of rage.


She was born without the ability to control earth magic, and because of this, her family treated her as if she was useless and looked down at her. That was reason enough to make her grow inside her heart a great desire for revenge. She turned her father into stone and started to handle business in the family, preparing for the ritual that was going to take place in a few days later to keep the seal of Mount Fuji under control, preventing a powerful demon that was held under the mountain to escape. This ceremony, that took place every 30 years, was at the same time the Tsuwabuki family´s responsibility and curse, because the one chosen to perform it would lose its life, meaning that one of the family had to sacrifice in order to keep their duty. It was supposed to be Kureha´s younger sister, Mayumi Tsuwabuki, to be the one to keep the seal safe. However, her father, knowing that, created a younger cloned version of Mayumi, called Ayumi Tsuwabuki, to replace her from her dreadful destiny. Kureha felt no mercy for anyone from her family and managed to cheat on Mayumi. She tried to sacrifice both Mayumi and Ayumi in order to awake the beast sealed under the mountain, but was stopped by Kazuma, who was working for Tiana the wind Pixie, Ren Kannagi, who wanted to save Ayumi whom he loved, and Ayano Kannagi, who was helping her second cousin. Thanks to Kazuma´s mistake, the demon was freed with no need of any sacrifice and they started a battle against it. Kureha tried to stop them, because from the beginning her plan was to set the demon free and steal his powers in order to fulfill her revenge, but when confronted by Kazuma she realized that the monster had been using her all her life, by making her unable to manipulate the earth magic and creating the resentment she had with her family, thanks to his dark powers. Kureha then went berserk and tried to destroy the beast, but the demon showed no mercy against the one he had been using all those years and destroyed her with a blast of dark energy.


Kureha is seemingly cold-hearted and arrogant, wanting to obtain power so she can rule her family, since she was treated poorly because she was not a Chijutsushi. However, despite her demeanor she held a great deal of loneliness.

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