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Lapis is a cloned version of Tsui Ling that serves Bernhardt Rhodes. Lapis carries a big crystal broad sword, but wields it with ease, and is able to match Ayano Kannagi in a sword duel. It is revealed in episode 21 of the anime that Lapis wants a heart, so she can feel the joy in hurting others, among other emotions.

Role In StoryEdit

At first she shows no emotions at all and limits herself to follow her master's plan, but as the time goes by, it becomes evident that she really enjoys the pain and suffering that follows killing her victims. This is seen when, after slicing Kosuke Utsumi in two, she smiles of pleasure. This also proves that she isn't just a mere puppet and was designed to have a heart. The purpose behind her creation is, as stated by Bernhardt itself, just to make Kazuma Yagami's heart confused and fill him with the pain and grief that the death of Tsui Ling caused him.

When Kazuma, Ayano, and Ren Kannagi prevented Beliel, the demon king, from rising again, Kazuma asks her what were Tsui Ling´s last thoughts toward him, as Lapis is a clone made after said thoughts. She answered him that Tsui Ling wanted to kill him. Regardless of what Lapis said, it can't be proved. However, these words allowed Kazuma to focus on his love for Ayano. She then ran away alongside her master.


  • Lapis' name is a Latin word that means, "Stone."