Misao Ogami
Misao ogami 1542
Character Information

First Appearance:

The Head of the Kannagi Family





Eye color:

Bright Red

Hair Color:



Takeya Ogami (Older Brother)

Voice Actors:

Japanese: Kana Ueda
English: Monica Rial


Although she comes from the Kannagi family she belongs to the secondary part of it. That's why her last name is Ogami. Her brother was the only person kind to her, but was killed by Ryuya when he, alongside another Kannagi relative, were on a mission to capture Kazuma. Because of this, she believes Kazuma was the responsible for his death. After Kazuma, Ayano, and Ren defeated Ryuya she attempted twice to kill Kazuma with no success. It is then that Michael Harley took his chance and seduced her with the false promise of granting her enough power to get her revenge. She gathered inside her body the souls of many innocent victims, and even killed her own family in order to obtain that power. Michael Harley told that their deaths were not a sin if the goal she was seeking was honorable, but when she finally confronted Kazuma and lost her battle, she realized that those were nothing but lies and fainted in horror. After Michael Harley was finally destroyed she recovered her consciousness and apologized to Kazuma. She´s currently trying to atone for her sins as a nun in an abbey near by Tokyo.


Takeya Ogami:  He was her brother and the only one who was kind to her.

Kazuma Yagami: She helped Kazuma when he was bullied by other Kannagi family members. Once she figured out that Kazuma was indirectly responsible for the death of her brother, she was filled with hatred and attempted to kill him twice, first by stabbing him, then hiring mercenaries. After both attempts miserably failed, she met someone who she began to call her "Guardian Angel". This man promised to give her the strength to defeat Kazuma, but after being foiled once more, and realizing the gravity of her sins, she forgave him.