Tiana on of the Pixie Tribe.

Pixies such as tiana are featured in kaze no stigma. Pixies are mythical creatures and are a type of fairy.

Appearance: Pixies are supposedly somewhat like the spirits of the wind. They have blue hair and light blue clothes. They also have dark blue eyes and pale blue wings. When flying, they do not resemble pixies but a blue ball of light.

Pixies enjoy making mischief or playing pranks. The only pixie shown is Tiana but apparently there is a land where the whole tribe lives. In this land there are supposedly a lot of jewels and gold which when Tiana asks for Kazuma's help he says his price to help them is half of the land.

Tiana is a very bubbly and hot-headed pixie, much like Ayano Kannagi. She is quick to rush things when she found where her missing treasure was she demanded Kazuma to retrieve it on the spot. She seems to doubt why the Spirit of the Wind chose Kazuma as the Contractor but trusts him, despite how he treats her.

She first appears when Ayano, is asked to fins out what is disturbing her school with the help of Kazuma. Along with her two best friends Nanase Kudō and Yukari Shinomiya, they inspect the building. Tiana is seen as a blue ball of light for nearly the entire episode and is not fully seen until the end of the episode where Kazuma catches her and she is forced to be told what she is doing. She explains she was trying to grant the wish of a dying man and shows the group the blooming Cherry Blossom Tree for a couple seconds. She then vanishes along with the other pixies.

She is then seen again to ask Kazuma for help when he and Ayano are eating dinner, she asks him if he can retrieve an egg for her, the most precious treasure in her land. He agrees but for a price; half the gold and jewels from her land. She finally accepts, dumbfounded thinking her would do it for free.

They finally locate it but find that it has been placed into Ayumi Tsuwabuki, Tiana does not hesitate to want to rip her open and retrieve it but Kazuma stops her, saying it was reckless and stupid.

Her treasure is later known to have been used to allow Ayumi to grow into a 12 year old clone in just a month.

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