Ren Kannagi
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The Wind Returns




Golden Flame

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Genma Kannagi (Father)
Kazuma Yagami (Older Brother)


Ayumi Tsuwabuki (Love Interest - Deceased)





Ren Kannagi is the younger brother of Kazuma Yagami. He is a skilled En-jutsushi and a user of the Golden Flame.


Ren is the youngest son of Genma Kannagi and Kazuma's only and youngest brother. Ren has the appearance of a bishōnen, which sometimes earns him the contempt of some of his male classmates. He shows a love beyond any imagination for his brother and admires him no matter if he is or not able to control fire. He shows to be really mature and pure hearted and will do anything to protect the ones he loves. His fire power, the golden flame, can purify demons and evil spirits with great ease. He is frequently used by Kazuma and Ayano as some sort of puppet or bait. He´s very popular at school and his best friends are Tatsuya Serizawa, a tall and athletic guy, and Kanon Suzuhara, who has romantic feelings towards him.

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Kanon and Tatsuya fighting over Ren

Appearance Edit

Ren is a handsome young boy. He has sea green eyes, creamy blond hair which was parted off-center and pale skin. He is usually seen wearing dark blue gakuran or his pink duffle coat over his brown turtle neck top, pale blue jeans and azure sneakers


  • Ayano Kannagi - Ayano is Ren's second cousin, whom he looks up to, though he is sometimes jealous of her. He affectionately refers to her as Nee-sama (Older Sister). Much like Jugo, Ren hopes that Kazuma and Ayano can establish a relationship.
  • Jugo Kannagi - As the head of the household, Ren greatly respects Jugo. Ren also appears to be the only family member aware of Jugo's plot to bring Ayano and Kazuma closer and often tries to help.
  • Kazuma Yagami - Despite his older brother being labeled a black sheep and exiled, Ren holds Kazuma in high regard. Upon learning of his brother's return to Japan, he was excited and eager to see him to the point where he sneaked out to meet him despite the recent attacks on the Kannagis. Ren believes he is very strong and wishes to be as strong as he is one day regardless of his brother's inability to use fire magic. Ren is not afraid to stand up to his brother as demonstrated in The Contractor when Ayano's life was on the line.
  • Ayumi Tsuwabuki - Ren falls in love with Ayumi, only to find out that she is just a clone created to be sacrificed at a ritual. Even after he saves her from the ritual, she still dies due to having a short life span, but not before she can tell him that she also loves him. Despite Ren's feelings of inadequacy early on in the series, Ayumi's death inspires Ren to become stronger so he can protect the ones he loves.


Hero Ren

Ren use his Golden Flame to save his friends

Ren is a skilled En-jutsushi, and has a power called the Golden Flame. The Golden Flame has the strongest purifying effect of all En-jutsu.

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