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Kaze no Stigma (風のスティグマ. Stigma of the Wind) or Kaze no Seikon (風の聖痕?) is a Japanese light novel series written by Takahiro Yamato and illustrated by Hanamaru Nanto.

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Ayumi Tsuwabuki is a clone of Mayumi Tsuwabuki and used Pixie's Treasure from Pixie's land.

Tsuwabuki Family have to Protect the seal of Mt. Fuji's demon named Zenon, by protect it Tsuwabuki Family do ritual tradition (Taisai). Taisai needs require some human soul to use. Mayumi will someday be the Sacrifice someday. Kazuma is saved Mayumi from Taisai. But the Seal, is broken. Ren, and Ayano and Kazuma is Fighting with zenon. But Ayumi, is too care about Ren, so she used too many energy, to make Zenon weaker, and easy to kill.
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[[Video:Kaze no Stigma Ending 2|thumb|300px|The Second Ending for Kaze no Stigma, Matataki no Kioku.]]

Schedule (on Animax)

Monday, 7 June

  • 07:00AM 06:00(WIB) : Episode 14
  • 07:30PM 06:30(WIB  : Epidode 15

Tuesday, 8 June

  • 07:00AM 06:30(WIB) : Episode 15
  • 07:30PM 06:30(WIB) : Episode 16

Wednesday, 9 June

  • 07:00AM 06:30(WIB) : Episode 16
  • 07:30PM 06:30(WIB) : Episode 17

Thursday, 10 June

  • 07:00AM 06:30(WIB) : Episode 17
  • 07:30PM 06:30(WIB) : Episode 18

Friday, 11 June

  • 07:00AM 06:30(WIB) : Episode 18
  • 07:30PM 06:30(WIB) : Episode 19
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