First Appearance

Episode 12 Confession Under the Moonlight



Zenon (ぜのん Zenon) is the demon of Mount. Fuji. It was born the first time Mount Fuji erupted. The first Tsuwabuki leader used all his power to seal Zenon away under Mount Fuji. It was then the Tsuwabuki clan's duty to seal preform the same ceremony every thirty years and restrengthen the seal.


Zenon manipulates Kureha from her birth, sealing away her Chijutsushi powers. She then eventually turned on her own father, the current Tsuwabuki clan leader on a gamble to get power. She wants the ceremony to be done so she can take Zenon's energy and use it for herself. When Zenon awakes, he takes away the powers he gave to her, allowing her to use Chijutsushi again. Despite her powerful attacks, he kills her. Ren, with the help of Kazuma and Ayano, kills him with his golden flame.

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